Russia Goodbye! 7 international firms fully exited Russia in July
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According to the Kyiv School of Economics, only seven international businesses completed their departures from Russia in July, while 56% of companies monitored are still committed to staying in the country.

The list of those who exited in July includes trade credit insurance company Atradius, hygiene & health company Essity, fashion manufacturer & retailer GERRY WEBER International AG, Ikano Bank, merchant services technology company Ingenico, car parts maker ZF Group, and a food manufacturer Kellogg Company.

In early March 2022, the maker of famous Pringles chips, American Kellogg Company announced the cutting off of supplies to Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine. Media report that the new owner of the business may continue producing chips, but only according to its own recipe and without reference to Pringles.

Congratulations on making the right decision! Western business has no place in dictatorial and criminal regimes.

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