The improvement of Cadbury's taste could begin with its parent company, Mondelez International, severing ties with Russia
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This Easter, more than 20,000 Ukrainian children, victims of murder or forced deportation to Russia, will not receive Easter eggs. Mondelez International, the conglomerate behind Cadbury and an international sponsor of the war, continues its operations in Russia. Despite commitments to reduce activities by the end of 2023, Mondelez persists in its Russian business endeavors, two years following the full-scale invasion and amidst over 127,000 documented war crimes.

While British taxpayers financially support Ukraine, Cadbury’s parent company bolsters Russia’s military budget. Mondelez, also known for Oreo and Toblerone, recorded sales exceeding 1.17 billion pounds in Russia during 2022 and contributed approximately 48 million pounds in profit taxes to a government led by internationally wanted war criminals. Kyiv indicates these funds may be funnelled into missiles and drones, further endangering Ukrainian children’s lives.

Mondelez’s rationale for its ongoing Russian operations revolves around providing ‘essential’ goods and expressing ‘deep concern’ for its Russia-based employees. Yet, these are the same employees Mondelez is reportedly compelled to aid in recruiting for the Russian Government, as dictated by Russia’s Partial Mobilization Order.

Following Ukraine’s designation of Mondelez as an international sponsor of war in May 2023, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway witnessed a robust B2B boycott of the company’s products. Major entities, including IKEA, SAS Airlines, the Swedish Armed Forces, and various national football associations, severed ties with Mondelez. Despite this, the company’s stance on Russia remained unchanged.

In the UK, a key market for Mondelez, the link between Cadbury chocolates and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is often overlooked. Furthermore, Mondelez sponsors several Premiership teams, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United. As we mark the second anniversary of Ukraine’s invasion and Cadbury’s 200th anniversary, Mondelez’s employees, retailers, and consumers have the opportunity to influence the company’s decision-making, urging a complete withdrawal from Russia.

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