King urged to revoke royal warrants of Cadbury and others over Russia links
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B4Ukraine members have urged King Charles to strip companies, which are still operating in Russia, of their royal warrant status.

We call on the Royal Palace to lead the way against war profiteering and corporate complicity in Russia’s war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Your Majesty,

We, the undersigned organisations, are writing to urge the Royal Family to revoke the Royal Warrants from all warrant-holding companies that are continuing their operations in Russia, more than two years since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. The continued presence and financial support of these companies in Russia only serve to prolong the brutal war against Ukraine. Thus, we urge the Royal Family to stand in solidarity with Ukraine by demonstrating that companies contributing to the suffering and devastation in Ukraine will not be bestowed with the privilege and honour of holding a Royal Warrant.

According to the UK Royal Warrant Holders list, 14 companies that are continuing to operate in Russia are still endowed with the Royal Warrant. The list includes companies such as Bacardi, Mondelez (Cadbury), Nestle and Unilever, all of which have been listed by Ukraine’s government as “International Sponsors of War” – a designation reserved for “international companies that provide the Russian public and private sector with goods and services of critical purpose, as well as [those that] contribute to the Russian budget.” As a show of solidarity, the Swedish Royal family discontinued their relationship with Maribou chocolate bars as a Royal Court Supplier, following the listing of Maribou’s parent company, Mondelez International, as a Sponsor of War by Ukraine.

The British government has shown its support to Ukraine by committing over $14 billion in aid, and the British public has been welcoming of Ukrainians displaced by the invasion. We are asking the Royal Family to extend this solidarity in choosing to bestow the Royal Warrant to companies that are not associated with the brutal ongoing war against Ukraine. Many companies have successfully exited the Russian market so as not to support the aggressor’s economy, yet 14 aforementioned companies continue to operate in Russia and pay millions in taxes to its war economy. In addition to financial aid, Russia has enacted legislation which makes all companies operating in the country legally obliged to support mobilisation efforts, as well as provision of other material resources, as requested by the government. The legislation makes companies with ongoing operations in Russia complicit in the war efforts. Firms such as Unilever have confirmed that they would comply with the legislation and deliver summons to its employees, if asked to do so. Furthermore, recent appalling statements made by Mondelez’s (owner of Cadbury) CEO, Dirk Van de Put, show a lack of consideration for the lives impacted by the company’s contribution to the Russian budget. Given the ongoing grave violations of human rights and international law, and to prevent complicity in war crimes, it is evident that the most responsible action for businesses is to withdraw from Russia.

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia has led to significant loss of life and widespread destruction. By disregarding international humanitarian law, Russia has committed over 130,000 war crimes and crimes against humanity through its attacks on civilians and infrastructure. These actions have resulted in over 30,000 civilian casualties, while millions have been compelled to abandon their homes in pursuit of safety. Russia’s invasion has created one of the largest humanitarian and refugee crises in recent memory, disrupting the global economy and undermining the rules-based international order.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Royal Family for its steadfast support of Ukraine and its people from the outset of the full-scale invasion. In light of this unwavering commitment, we respectfully urge the Palace to take immediate action to revoke the warrants of current Royal Warrant Holder companies with ongoing operations in Russia. Such a decisive step would not only demonstrate the solidarity of the Royal Family with Ukraine but also convey that the Family does not condone the continued presence of these companies in Russia. We implore the Royal Family to use its influence to encourage these companies to make a swift and responsible exit.

Thank you for your consideration,

Yours Sincerely,

International Partnership for Human Rights (Brussels)

Center for Civil Liberties (Kyiv)

Ukrainian Security & Cooperation Center (Kyiv)

Campaign for Ukraine (London)

Friends of Ukraine (London)

Ukrainians in Birmingham

Resilient Ukraine (Kyiv)

Don’t Fund Russian Army (Kyiv)

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