Products of the Danish company Rockwool were used in the construction of "Putin's superweapon"
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Danish insulation for Russian war criminals?

For the past months media have covered how large parts of the Russian Navy is insulated with Rockwool. A new Danwatch/Ekstra Bladet report reveals that an official distributor of Rockwool supplied materials to the Russian Navy for use in the construction of its “most lethal” frigates, a year after Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea.

Still, the stone wool giant vehemently denies having any customer relationship with Russia’s military.

It seems that Rockwool does not see a problem with the use of its products by war criminals. The company’s CEO Jens Birgersson has previously stated that Rockwool will exit Russia only in case of nuclear war.

CSR or corporate complicity? Tell us what you think.

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