Russia Goodbye! Deezer among six int'l firms concluding Russian exits in March 2024
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In March 2024, only six international companies successfully concluded the process of withdrawing from the Russian market by selling or liquidating their operations in the aggressor state, KSE Institute analysis showed.

The list of the recent Russia leavers includes the French music streaming service Deezer, the Japanese global automotive components manufacturer Denso Corporation, the American IT services & consulting company DXC Technology, the global provider of mineral and water drilling services Foraco, the German toymaker Herpa, and the Japanese chemical, pharmaceutical and IT company Teijin.

At the same time, KSE has downgraded the status of LPP Group citing the investigation by Hindenburg Research claiming that LPP’s “denial of the Russian business was a complete sham.”

This brings the number of businesses that have fully left Russia since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine to only 378.

Over two years have passed since the full-scale invasion, and it has been a decade since Russia’s aggression began. Despite this, the progress made is significantly inadequate! For those prioritizing ethics and people over profits, the path forward is clear: minimize losses, pursue litigation if necessary, but exit immediately.

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