Heineken completes exit from Russia
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We applaud Heineken’s exit from Russia! The world’s second-largest brewer has finally sold its Russian operations for a symbolic one euro.

The company had seven breweries in Russia and 1,800 employees, who will receive employment guarantees for the next three years.

Brands including Heineken, Miller and Guinness have already been pulled from Russia. Production of Amstel beers is to be phased out within six months. No other international brands will be licensed in Russia with the exception of a 3-year licence for some smaller regional brands, for which Heineken would not provide brand support or receive any proceeds.

“The strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people is remarkable, despite the continuing horrors that are happening in the country,” — The Heineken Company said in March 2023.

Thank you for opposing Russia’s unprovoked war and demonstrating public support for the people of Ukraine, Heineken!

No responsible international business should have ties to a country that commits crimes against humanity.

We call on all companies to follow suit to avoid an expanding universe of legal, operational, and financial risks inherent to doing business in Russia.

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