Finland's mobile carriers ban Xiaomi sales over Russian presence
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Finland’s largest mobile carriers, Telia, DNA, and Elisa, have suspended sales of Xiaomi Technology products in response to the company’s continued operations in Russia.

In April, the Chinese tech giant was designated an international sponsor of war by Ukraine’s National Agency on Corruption Prevention: “Xiaomi Corporation is sponsoring the military aggression of a terrorist state and must bear both the reputational and legal consequences of its actions.” Telia cited this designation as a primary reason for discontinuing cooperation with the Chinese firm. The CEO of DNA Sami Aavikko expressed dissatisfaction with Xiaomi’s handling of the situation in Russia.

In early September, the Finnish parliament’s restaurants stopped serving Pepsi-Cola over the soft drink’s parent company PepsiCo continuing its operations in Russia. PepsiCo too was designated an “international sponsor of war” by the Ukrainian government.

Kiitos, Suomi! B4Ukraine calls on all companies and entities to end their relationship with the sponsors of war and thereby put pressure on them to leave Russia.

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