The continuing presence of so many companies has undermined the Washington-led effort to crush Russia’s economy
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“The continuing presence of so many companies has undermined the Washington-led effort to crush Russia’s economy, contributing taxes that help keep Russia’s war machine running and allowing Russians to maintain their prewar comforts and quality of life, even as Russian missiles destroy Ukrainian lives,” writes Robyn Dixon in a recent article for the Washington Post.

While G7 governments have been supporting Ukraine, providing billions of euros in support, almost 1000 of their major companies have chosen to continue doing business with the regime — continuing to pay taxes, indirectly supporting this horrific war and undermining sanctions.

In particular, over 300 US companies continue to operate within Russia one year on from the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, more than from any other G7 country. Most prominent examples of American firms still in Russia include Mondelez International, the maker of the iconic Oreo cookie, an oilfield services giant Schlumberger (SLB) as well as Match Group, the owner of Tinder dating app.

Despite the mounting complexities of corporate exit for major foreign business players in Russia, the B4Ukraine coalition is urging a halt on all corporate complicity and indirect support for the Kremlin’s war of aggression against a peaceful neighboring state.

Specifically, B4Ukraine is calling on the G7, EU and Swiss governments to immediately issue business guidance to inform individuals, businesses, financial institutions, and other persons — including investors, consultants, and research service providers — of the heightened risks associated with doing business in Russia, and particularly business activity that could benefit the Russian military.

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