Christmas shopping: 63% of Ukrainians boycott goods from Russia remainers
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Going Christmas shopping this year, 63% of Ukrainians will not buy goods from manufacturers or sellers that have not exited the Russian market, according to a Deloitte survey.

“The majority of Ukrainians (61%), despite everything, are planning New Year’s and Christmas shopping, although they will buy fewer goods than in 2021,” a survey suggests.

More than 60% of Ukrainians will spend at least part of their shopping budget to help the Armed Forces or war victims.

The budget of 49% of Ukrainians for Christmas shopping ranges from 1 to 5 thousand UAH ($70-100).

Not less than 144 international businesses, including Deloitte, have already sold local companies and left, at least legally, the Russian market after Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to KSE Institute data.

More than 1,600 international companies are still operating in Russia, generating at least $171 billion of local revenue annually, approximately 10% of Russia’s GDP. They pay enough taxes to fund 50% of Russia’s military budget.

We, the members of B4Ukraine coalition, firmly believe: businesses that contribute to Russia’s war by paying taxes and supplying resources to the country must leave now or be held to account. The closing bell on responsible corporate behavior in Russia is set to ring on February 24, 2023. It’s the last chance to save the reputation, avoid legal risks and do the right thing.

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