Civil Society Groups Urge the Ukrainian Government to Preserve and Improve the List of International War Sponsors
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We, the undersigned members of B4Ukraine (Business for Ukraine) — a global coalition of 90+ civil society organizations working to block Russia’s access to resources for waging its war of aggression — are writing to express our dismay and concern over the recent news of dismantling the international sponsors of war list managed by the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), alongside the other vital databases relating to western tools and components which Russia uses to produce weapons. The list has served as an essential tool in our efforts to promote a responsible business exit from Russia, thereby minimizing Russia’s ability to continue militarizing and inflicting further suffering on the Ukrainian people.

The Sponsors of War list was particularly useful in increasing reputational pressure on companies still operating in Russia by highlighting their continued presence and tax contributions to Russia’s militarized budget. We have used it in our engagement with over 180 multinational companies and in our conversations with multiple governments.

We understand the severe diplomatic pressure faced by the Ukrainian government vis-a-vis its partners, including the G7 countries, whose businesses have appeared on the list. At the same time, to discard the list now would be short-sighted and undermine two years of efforts to degrade Russia’s capacity to wage this war of aggression.

The list has the potential to be used in our joint efforts to create the most advantageous for Ukraine framework of future reparations and windfall taxes of companies which are profiteering on the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Therefore, despite the existing pressures from partner governments, we urge you to preserve the tool and explore all possible options, such as an urgent revision of its methodology and creating an inter-agency and legal framework that would help to strengthen it. We express our readiness to contribute to this process as independent civil society or as part of the inter-agency taskforce.


Oleksandra Matviichuk — Center for Civil Liberties

Hanna Hopko — National Interest Advocacy Network (ANTS)

Nataliya Popovych — Resilient Ukraine

Olena Halushka — International Center for Ukrainian Victory

Denys Hutyk — Economic Security Council of Ukraine (ESCU)

Solomiya Khoma — Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center

Oleh Savytskyi — Razom We Stand

Olga Matseliukh, Oleksiy Kuprienko — Don’t Fund Russian Army

Maksym Sushchuk — PR Army

Igor Kotelianets — Association of Relatives of Political Prisoners of the Kremlin

Roman Steblivskyi — Trap Aggressor, StateWatch

Olena Tregub — NAKO (Independent Anti-Corruption Commission)

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