Danish and Scandinavian Businesses Still in Russia: Encouraging a Responsible Exit
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When: 18.09.2023

Format: online

Duration: 90 min


More than 18 months since Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, over 1,800 foreign companies are still doing business in Russia, thus indirectly financing the war and legitimizing the invasion in the eyes of the Russian citizens.

B4Ukraine has been at the forefront of the topic of corporate exodus and complicity in Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine. The aim of this round-table discussion is to critically examine the findings of “The Business of Leaving” report, which highlights six justifications used by companies to stay in Russia, while also challenging each of them to demonstrate that a responsible exit from the aggressor state is possible.

The event’s expert panelists will first define a responsible exit, followed by the status of Danish and Scandinavian businesses in Russia as well as their contribution to the Russian military. We also hope to hear from a company representative whose company managed to withdraw from the Russian market. The event aims to draw on a set of practical recommendations for companies interested in completing a responsible exit.

Organizer Contact Information

Copenhagen Business School

CBS Sustainability Centre

Phone: +45 3815 3815


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