The EU must step up sanctions against Russia's nuclear sector — Olena Pavlenko
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Sanctions on Russia in the nuclear sector have not been supported by the West since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, but they can and should be imposed, writes Olena Pavlenko of B4Ukraine Coalition member DiXi Group in The Brussels Times article.

“The activities of Rosatom at the Zaporizhzhia NPP is an example of how Russia, having gained control over the operation of a nuclear facility in any country, can blackmail the leadership of that country.

If the country does not agree to vote for a specific decision at the UN General Assembly, the nuclear power plant will stop producing electricity.

If it does not agree to give its strategic reserves of minerals to (pro)Russian companies, an accident or other serious incident may unexpectedly occur at the nuclear power plant,” Pavlenko explains.

“Time is in Russia’s favour in this case, and the later the EU and the international community realize this, the more difficult it will be to fight Russian nuclear terrorism in the future,” she concludes.

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