B4Ukraine Business Outreach
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Every week B4Ukraine reaches out to companies that continue operations in Russia to ask for a dialogue about the company’s ongoing business operations and relationships in Russia that may contribute to, or be linked with, human rights harms.

We also send letters to companies that have exited Russia, asking them to share their experience and serve as example to others.

Outreach this week includes:

Remainers: Yves Rocher, Kimberly-Clark, General Electric Company, GE HealthCare, Mondelez

Responders: Delta Tankers, Danieli, Vitol, Metro

Outreach in the week of Mar.13 — Mar.17:

Remainers: Danone, Lenovo, Haas Automation, Bayer

Exiteers: Kingspan

Responders: Otis, Heineken, Openway

Outreach in the week of Mar.6 — Mar.10:

Remainers: Otis, AUMA Riester, Metro AG

Exiteers: Dr. Oetker, Deutsche Telekom, Schneider Electric, Publicis Groupe

Responders: n/a

This week we also held meetings with: Shell and Qualcomm

Outreach in the week of Feb.27 — Mar.3:

Remainers: TMS Tankers, Minerva Marine, Thenamaris Ship Management, Dynacom Tankers, Delta Tankers, Vitol, Match Group

Responders: ComNav Technology

Outreach in the week of Feb.20 — Feb.24:

Remainers: Leroy Merlin, Danieli, ComNav Technology, Heineken

Exiteers: Zurich Insurance, Luxoft

Responders: Auchan, PepsiCo, Rolls-Royce, LEGO, Shell

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